July 30, 2021


Nothing but the truth

It’s Fake defection designed to Create an Impression that PF is still relevant

People of Chilanga are of sound mind and we believe no one can join PF when it’s at it’s weakest point.

THE UPND in Chilanga district is shocked at the PF’s desperation in which they have gone to an extent of staging fake defections.

One can clearly see the deceit in their claim. To start with, we want to tell the public that the UPND party regalia which the defectors displayed looked brand new when UPND last distributed it’s party regalia in 2016. It’s a pity that PF has gone to an extent of stealing our party’s regalia so that they can be staging fake defections. This kind of politicking is what we call petty as UPND.

The other thing that we would want Zambians to know is that all those people who were paraded as defectors were not UPND. We don’t know them. Let it be known that all our structures at branch, ward, constituency and district levels are intact and we challenge the PF in Chilanga to give out the names of those so called defectors and tell us the positions they had before defecting.

We would like to tell the PF in the district that as UPND, we won’t be swayed by their petty politics of desperation. We shall continue to mobilize the party in the district ahead of the 2021 general elections and ensure victory for the party. It must also be stated that UPND is the party of choice in Chilanga because its messages resonates so well with the masses as opposed to the PF which has no message and is just taking advantage of the hunger situation in order to project itself politically through handouts.

The PF must be reminded that the people of Chilanga are of sound mind and we believe they can never join PF when it’s at its weakest point. They can’t forget how this regime has reduced them to beggars. Everyone in Chilanga district understands that PF is a failed project and they can’t associate with a party which thrives on violence, deceit and manipulation. The people of Chilanga are still waiting for the jobs, lower taxes and more money which this government has up to now not delivered.

We therefore challenge the PF to fulfill the promises they made to the Zambian people and end loadsheding which has worsened the economic situation.

We further advise the PF to focus on ending corruption, political violence and many other social evils because we are not going to be swayed by their fake defections which are designed to create an impression that PF is still relevant in Chilanga.

Issued by

Nicholas Katampi