July 30, 2021


Nothing but the truth

One Year in office enough for HH to set the tone


Proud Aushi Musamba Mumba

Like we have said before, we expect HH Cabinet to have restless nights to ensure within 1 year a tone would have been set for Economic Recovery.

With support from all Zambians and civil society of Zambia HH Cabinet will lead a campaign to dismantle Zambian debts which are bigger than a National budget.

HH will work hand in hand with CSOs to ensure Zambia becomes a debt free Country by 50 %.

This is attainable because HHs cabinet will have the confidence of IMF and World Bank…. Chinese Loans will be re negotiated through a win – win situation.

We expect that by August 2022, Zambia will have a tone of economic recovery.

Today what is lacking is leadership that serves mankind… HH’s cabinet is expected to be of men and women who will not love neck ties but they will hang their jackets on chairs and get the work done..

Zambians are thirst for such development all we need is a visionary cabinet of HH to set the tone.2021 august and beyond will not be business as usual…

it will be working for productivity for mankind.