July 30, 2021


Nothing but the truth

President Lungu’s copperbelt donation has vindicated Seer 1

James Kasanda Musendeka Lukuku RPP President

When Seer 1 says there is confusion in PF we tend to think that he is just saying things just for the sake of it.

But this whole reasoning of K490million to 150,000 youth groups on the copperbelt is subject to a very serious chainama examination.

K490million divide by 150,000 will give you a mere K3266 for each youth group.

What tangible project a youth group can do with K3266 is definitely a double chainama examination. For the whole copperbelt pf to line up and celebrate a K3266 donation worsens the subject to a tripple chainama examination.

I have said time and again that there is no sustainability in donations. The people who received empowerment from the hope Foundation of Vera Chiluba and the Maureen Mwanawasa Community Initiative are still wallowing in poverty.

These are clear examples that there is no sustainability in donations and fake empowerment programs.

To think that you can give your own economic power to foreigners and then you start distributions of fake empowerments is a subject of quadrupled chainama examination.

We changed from state owned enterprises to privately owned economic determinations. But we forgot to change the education curriculum. Our graduates are still expecting to come and work instead of graduating to come and set up factories and many manufacturing plants like the case is for China.

So now you have a below average performing President with a below average government that only thinks inside the box. This makes it a subject of pentagon chainama examination.

What next? Is the President going with another K490million to Luapula, another same amount to southern, northern, western, eastern, muchinga, northwestern, central, Lusaka. Subject of Hexagonal chainama examination.

Now if the President can go to distribute money like that, what’s the purpose of the Citizens Economic Empowerment Fund which is a constitutional Institution mandated to empower citizens? From which account has the K490million been drawn and is it a revolving Empowerment fund? And what criteria was used to arrive at the would be beneficiaries?

Look at how Mufulira has turned into a ghost town. Look at how Masala and Mangwana look like there in ndola?

Please get the economy from foreigners and give it to Zambians. That’s the only solution. Otherwise stop wasting people’s time.

James Kasanda Musendeka Lukuku RPP President