July 30, 2021


Nothing but the truth


UNITED Party for National Development (UPND) Mandevu aspiring candidate Ross Josphat Kasikili says party leader Mr Hakainde Hichilema will prioritize job creation and youth empowerment to mitigate poverty levels in the country once he forms government next year.

Speaking when he addressed the party’s Chaisa Ward 20 leaders in Mandevu constituency this today, Mr Kasikili said as a social worker he will also lobby for better service delivery for the people of Mandevu using various empowerment initiatives available.

“You are the people who keep the party alive on the ground. You know the problems that we have here in Chaisa. We have no running water and we have no flushable toilets. Chainda has no roads, even those that we have are typical shanty roads that run through the doors of people’s homes. People are not able to have food because they do not have jobs,” said Mr Kasikili.

Mr Kasikili emphasized the importance of people from the wards in the growth of the party saying these are directly linked with the votere on the ground.Mr Kasikili told the party leadership at the ward that they should be proud of belonging to a party that is tribally balanced adding that the party president Mr Hichilema embraces everyone regardless of their tribe, region or ethnic grouping.

“UPND is not a tribal party. It is a party for everyone regardless of one’s tribe. HH has sent us to encourage you our members at ward level that he wants to replace unemployment with jobs; poverty with a good life because here in Mandevu, one of the biggest challenges that we have is unemployment among our youths,” he said.

He said, once elected, Mr Hichilema will prioritise employment and agriculture so that Zambian citizens could live a better life.”We should go out and preach the message why we need Mr Hichilema. It is because he is the hope for a better future for Zambians. He will sort out the issue of unemployment by creating state-run farms which will in turn create jobs for Zambians. He will concentrate on strenthen agriculture so that we can grow enough food for consumption and export the surplus.

Mr Kasikili told the gathering that with or without him being adopted to contest the Mandevu parliamentary seat on behalf of the party, he will always put the interest of the party and its President Mr Hichilema above self-interest.