August 6, 2021


Nothing but the truth


Today before I got discharged Bally called me to wish me a quick recovery with so many words of encouragement. I was not expecting the call but it really made me feel so much better it was like a strong jump-start to my recovery.

It means a lot to be called and checked up on my your party President who is also a big role model in your life. I felt like a young boy who had just been phoned by there favorite celebrity,Lol.

Bally encouraged me to keep working hard but not to forget to take care of myself while on it. He said so many other things to me as a young leader that I will not hesitate to employ once I’m back on my feet.

I appreciate Bally because whenever someone in the party is mourning or unwell he calls in to check on his people. He also comes through to support on every way possible, he does deserve the Bally title

.Also, I have read through all the comments from you my social media family wishing me well, most of you even called and inboxed me to wish me a quick recovery I want you to know that your prayers and wished were necessary.

I am recovering and will soon get back to work.Thank you so much love you all and always know that Bally really does care.