July 30, 2021


Nothing but the truth




It is shocking, embarrassing and shameful that the same things we were condemning Vedanta for are still happening in KCM. Why did the pf government place KCM under liquidation for this long if they; through their liquidator MILINGO LUNGU can’t improve the company’s operations?

As UPND through President Hakainde Hichilema and me in particular are on record condemning the mismanagement of KCM by it’s owners and we demanded that government takes action. Without putting our suggestion of other alternatives into consideration, the PF government rushed to put KCM under the current unpopular liquidation a decision they have failed to manage well.

More than a year down the line of liquidation, no tangible improvement has been witnesses in the company because the same worse things such as delays in paying for goods and services, failure to buy spares and essential goods for employees are still the order of the day.

I was shocked on Wednesday 19th August, 2020 when I started receiving calls that contractor employees for Elyon, Salifyanji and Leos companies have downed tools to demand for their three month unpaid salaries. What kind of government is this that can allow it’s people to go for months without getting their monthly payments when pf leaders know very well that it’s very difficult to survive in a COVID 19 environment without money?

As UPND and particularly me who live among these suffering employees and as an aspiring parliamentarian for nchanga wish to demand for the following two things to be done:

  1. We demand that the pf through their KCM liquidator pays all the labour hired companies so that they can in return pay their contractor employees.
  2. Since it is clear for every Zambian to see that PF has failed to run KCM, we demand that let the process of engaging the new and suitable investor be speeded up.

Lastly we what to encourage our people that soon some of their sufferings shall come to pass once UPND takes over the government in 2021. I further wish to alert the miners, contracts and many people living in the mining township that be alert, be very very alert some of the incentives and enticements that shall be coming from this time on until 2021 elections may just come to disturb you, blindfold you and make sure that you do a wrong thing. I wish to urge you to open your eyes and come 2021 you should teach pf a lesson by voting them out.