July 30, 2021


Nothing but the truth


We are the Zambezi nation; a united force and unafraid to change government when the time comes; 2021 is the time!

DEMOCRATIC nominee for President 2016, former Secretary of State, First Lady and Senator, Hillary Clinton once said, “When you know you are losing, it’s very difficult to campaign.” How applicable this is to Edgar Lungu and the entire PF today.

The fear of losing power in the 2021 general elections has taken complete control over Lungu’s normal thinking capacity with the residue focused only on one thing, holding on to power.

And one-way Lungu hope to use in holding on to power is by making the Police BATTLE READY against the 2021 PEOPLE’S BALLOT or the WISH OF THE PEOPLE OF ZAMBIAN.

But Lungu must know that no gun, bullet or bomb has ever triumphed over the ballot powered by the wish of the Zambian people from 1964 when the foundation stone of this ZAMBEZI NATION was laid.

In 1991, former President Kenneth Kaunda as Commander-in-Chief of the Armed forces gave up power to the MMD in a profound display of respect for the wish of the people of Zambia.

We saw a repeat of that updateable respect for the wish of change of government in 2011 when former President Ruphiah Banda sobbed as Commander-in-Chief, but handed over power to the PF.

We know, Lungu knows that he has never won an election as President of the Republic of Zambia. The late President Michael Sata’s voice from the grave (sympathy vote) put him in office in 2015.

Having stolen the vote in 2016, why should Lungu seek to abuse his authority as Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces and resist to hand over power to the UPND in 2021?

His attempts to KILL the wish of the Zambian people and resist change of government is excepted but totally unacceptable.

In preparation to resist the wish of Zambia people, Government has bought 122 anti-riot vehicles and equipment for the Police; nine buses, 50 trucks, 15 water cannons, 10 ambulances, two dog carriers, two horse carriers and 15 armed vehicles.

We will not be intimidated and shall not be afraid for the sake of our motherland. we are the Zambezi nation; a united force and unafraid to change government when time comes; 2021 is the time!

As a call to duty, we are prepared to soldier on and liberate mother Zambia with our sweat, blood and tears the way it was in 1964. The people’s wish will triumph over the PF militarized police.