August 6, 2021


Nothing but the truth


….says UPND is the only Party that offers hope to ZambiansThe Patriotic Front-PF-is a finished Party which has nothing to offer to Zambians, says Mr Davies Mulenga.Mr Mulenga, who resigned from the ruling PF yesterday to join the UPND, said that having been in the PF for 21 years, he had realised that the PF had lost its political value and that the Party had nothing more to offer the people of Zambia.He said his decision was in line with his Constitutional right to belong to any political party of his choice.”I been in the PF for the past 21 years. The party has nothing to offer the people of Zambia. I want to make an official announcement that I have officially resigned from the PF. I believe in the ideology of the UPND. I have already joined UPND and there is no turning back. I have the right to choose whom to associate with either politically or otherwise,” said Mr Mulenga.

And ceremonially welcoming Mr Mulenga to the UPND at the party secretariat this morning, Elections Chairperson, Garry Nkombo stated that the decision was in exercise of his right to association and conscious.”Mr Davies Mulenga has been a candidate of the PF during the Lukashya adoption process in which he was not successful. I can actually confirm that he resigned yesterday (Sunday). This is in exercise of his Right of Association and conscious,” Nkombo said.