July 30, 2021


Nothing but the truth

Zambia Health system failed one of its doctors as she died in pain-

Dr.Abigail Mulenga obtained her medical degree in Ukraine in 2019,becoming a doctor at the young age of 23.Just two months into her dream job at Kabwe General Hospital where she had dedicated her life serving the people of Kabwe, she died a painful death with no painkillers available for her. Her family also had to plead to have a doctor attend to her to no avail.From the time Dr.Mulenga started work two months ago she was not paid her salary.

Below is the emotional account of her last moments from her brother

No Patient relative especially a mother should go through what my mother and I went through at Kabwe General Hospital.. Friday into Saturday morning. The system failed you my beautiful sister.As doctor as you were still I had to plead and beg for pain killers. We also had to plead for you to be seen that night Friday night. This is too painful Abby.

My last memories of you are you in severe pain crying out for life.I even told them that but they ignored.The system failed you my baby sister.I just had to express myself before you are laid to rest.Two months no pay yet you worked for them diligently then today they want to give you your salary for two months.My sister this is hard..what do I do with the budget we made..How do you traumatize a mother restraining her daughter for hours with no help??

Baby girl the whole system that includes myself we failed you lamentably when you needed us most..I had a vile of Diazepam in my car for sometime but that stupid car wash I did I lost it..I would have given you the Diazepam so you could sleep my baby..am sorry baby sister.. taking you through the corridors of that hospital, the same hospitals you excitedly run around with your patients except this time other patients watched you feeling sad for you as you screamed on top of your voice in unimaginable pain..Aah Abby you suffered my lil Sister..

One facebook user said” We have a government that spends colossal sums of money to purchase anti riot vehicles rather than investing in the health system that has been failing for years and years

Another Facebook user said, There are no medicines in government hospitals, instead of telling it as it is the medical staff are scared of being quoted and intimidated so, they will quietly walk away from you. Something somewhere is wrong, the citizens of this nation may have gone through a resilience course, seemingly knowing what is wrong but choosing to endure. May God comfort the family during this difficult time, this is a tragic, no one deserves to go through this in this Country of abundance”