August 6, 2021


Nothing but the truth


The opposition National Democratic Congress NDC will back the Upnd in the forthcoming Lukasha and Mwansabombwe constituency parliamentary polls.

The polls are scheduled for next month.

NDC Vice President Joseph Akafumba has announced the development at a media briefing in lusaka today.

Mr. Akafumba says the decision to field a single candidate has been done with the sole purpose of harnessing and promoting the principles of the opposition alliance.

He adds that the NDC will thus, go flat out and campaign for the Upnd in both mwansabombwe and Lukashya.

The NDC vice president says all members in Mwansabombwe and Lukashya should tomorrow flock in numbers and give support to the Upnd as they file their nomination bids.

Mr. Akafumba has further called upon all well meaning opposition parties to join the opposition alliance.

He observes that the pf can only be removed from political office by a United opposition front.

And Mr. Akafumba says there is need to break the barrier that the Upnd can not field candidates in perceived territories viewed and believed to be pf strongholds.

He says the Upnd is a National party contrary to views being peddled by desepate groupings that the Upnd is a regional party.

The NDC vice president is optimistic that the opposition alliance will remain firm and resolved as it strives to form the next Government.