July 30, 2021


Nothing but the truth


UPND Luapula province Chairperson Mr Roy Mwansa has applauded the UPND youths delegation in the province being led by its National Youth Secretary Mr Trevor Mwiinde as a biggest boost ahead of Mwansabombwe parliamentary by elections slated for nominations in two days time.

Mr Mwansa said that the coming of the energetic and vibrancy youth leadership has sent shivers in PF camp who are now panicking. Mr Mwansa appealed to the party to ensure that this time around President Hakainde Hichilema comes to Mwansabombwe earlier because people are really looking for him.

Mr Trevor Mwiinde was yesterday in Mwansabombwe mobilizing to the annoyance of the state Security who where in preparation to recieve the Republican President Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

Mr Mwiinde accompanied by various officials such as Mr Stephen Chikota, Mr Kalembwe, and many more aggressively took Mwansabombwe by storm side by side with PF cadres. The meeting appointment he had with Mwansabombwe UPND leaders and the visit to the palace of Mwata Kazembe could not take place because the Republican President Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu was also in the area.

This made the entourage exit Mwansabombwe to Mwense where they met UPND officials at Mwense District Office.

UPND Mwense District chairperson Mr Daniel Mumbi was very delighted to recieve the entourage and assured UPND on camera that PF should stop lying that HH is not welcome in to Mwense. He said the UPND leader was very much welcome in Mwense District at any time of his choice. Mr Mumbi said that the UPND in Mwense is way ahead in terms of mobilizations because his team has embarked on robust outreach programs such as radio shows and requested through the UPND Media that all the latest songs of UPND be shared to Mwense because they sponsor them to play on radio in DRC.

CIC was informed that Mwense has no physical radio station in the area as the only radio that feeds the entire Mwense and Mwansabombwe is across the river of Luapula (DRC Congo) that it’s a challenge everytime going on radio in the foreign country they charge so much but they have no choice but to help spread the word out for the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema.

Mr Mumbi thanked Mwense UPND Aspiring Candidate Hon Justina Chikota who’s really helping out interms of logistics she’s on the ground 24/7 to create the UPND visibility.

The team ended their day in Mansa after paying a curtosy visit to the provincial leadership led by Mr Roy Mwansa.