July 30, 2021


Nothing but the truth


Opposition Alliance togetherness have strengthened after all member political parties agree not to contend against each other but support same candidates.

We are in as a consolidated contender in Opposition Alliance.

This electoral pack shall help us garge 2021. The implication here is that all those naysayers and doom projectors and predictors who said the Opposition Alliance cannot not work have the dust bin of history to deal with as we keep forging ahead to free Zambia from PF colonialism agents of China.

We thank Presidents HH, CK, President Charles L. Milupi and the RPP President James Kasanda Musendeka Lukuku, I myself for standing with Zambians in unity without personal egos or self-centrist mentality.

Let people of Lukasha demonstrate to the PF that you can bribe people some time but you can not bribe people all the time.