July 30, 2021


Nothing but the truth


Make sure you all register for your NRCs and if you have lost your card, get a police report and acquire a new NRC. Register for a new voter’s card and be part of the change we all need.

Its a known fact that PF is desperate to remain in power at all cost because of fear of prosecution once they do. They have stolen more than what was stolen between 1964 and 2011 . They’ve divided our beautiful nation on tribal lines to their political benefit, they’ve been promising the youth jobs that they have only given to their families and cadres.

Knowing they can’t win next year’s elections without rigging, PF hoped tribalism and privatisation propaganda would work in their favour, but Zambians have risen above petty politics and want to engage in issue based politics.

Now PF has decided to disenfranchise Zambians who are hungry, tired and want change of government in 2021by instructing the Electoral Commission of Zambia to nullify the current voters register and begin the whole process again; as a rigging mechanism.

What this means is that all those with the current voter’s cards will not be able to vote unless you re-register for a new card. Between 2011 and 2016 general elections, ECZ captured about 1.5 million voters and they target to capture 2 million more voters before 2021 which will bring the number to +/- 9 million voters.

One surprising thing is that ECZ has already indicated that they do not have the financial capacity to carry out a continuous voter registration process and therefore will only have one month to do the exercise; from October 19th to November 20th.

Why then should ECZ invalidate the current voters register and not wait for the time when the institution will be financially sound?

Let’s say registration starts on 19th October and ends on 20th November, that gives ECZ 33 days to undertake the exercise. If we remove 4 weekends which will make 8 days, ECZ will remain with 25 days to capture 9 million voters.

Now, to reach the target, ECZ needs to capture a maximum of 360,000 voters a day which is practically impossible and here’s the reason why (unless if they can share with us how). We have 9 hours standard working schedule for 5 days a week which culminate to 45 hours. Let’s assume the whole process of capturing a voter’s details takes a minimum of 10 minutes, it means a single ECZ official will be able to capture 6 voters an hour and 54 voters a day. This means ECZ needs atleast 6,666 officials to hit the daily target of 360,000 voters.

With over 7,700 polling stations and more to be added once the delimitation exercise is finalised, we wonder how ECZ will reach its target with such a limited time and the institution’s financial constraints.

How possible is it for the Electoral Commission of Zambia to capture 9 million voters in a month when they have failed to capture even 1 million voters in the last 5 years? Further, the time frame allocated for the exercise does not allow those that have to walk long distance to the nearest registration point, especially in rural areas.

We understand this is the work of PF aimed at frustrating voters from voting. But regardless of all crooked methods PF want to use to stay in power, we shall not relent in our quest for a better Zambia for all.

Bally will fix it