August 6, 2021


Nothing but the truth


“Changing the Bank of Zambia governor will not change any policy direction and we openly submit that the worst ramifications are on the way.”-Saviour Chishimba

President Edgar Lungu dismissed former Central Bank governor Denny Kalyalya on Saturday and replaced him with Christopher Mvunga. Commenting on the dismissal, Chishimba said they as UPP foresaw what had befallen the nation.

Mr. Chishimba issued a statement just days after his imprisonment saying,

“We (UPP) gave a clear roadmap on how to take our nation out of murky waters. Shockingly, the PF regime responded with detention of me without trial. My conscience was very clear and that’s why I managed to eat my lunch as plain clothed police officers and state operatives led me into the police vehicle.” -Chishimba

He further said the extent of damage to the country could not be cured by political groups with a bunch of the same kind of people who had served as ministers before.

Chishimba further added and said that it was time for zero tolerance to recycling the same leaders, stressing that the country needed a new beginning.