July 30, 2021


Nothing but the truth


We want to sincerely thank the people of the entire Copperbelt for standing firm against the PF reconstituted melodramatic comedy, on the privatization of the mines more than a quarter of a century ago.These new tantrums by the PF and their hired guns have only succeeded in radicalising and hardening the Copperbelt against them. Let us be very clear about that. We on Copperbelt know we are the target to their misplaced and malicious propaganda, whose sole purpose is to sway us from voting for HH, but we are equal to the task, and even more resolved to kick them out in 2021.

The PF’s insatiable theatrics are yielding opposite results here on the Copperbelt, by making the party appear confused, desperate, vengeful, bitter and below the bar of worthiness. They are trully living to their true character of a lost cause that is fishing for dry fish in a dry pond.We are aware that the PF have lined up a number of false witnesses that will continuously and persistently accuse Hakainde Hichilema of having privatised the mines. We therefore urge our people to remain vigilant and focused, as the next 10 months will see the PF carry out an unprecedented smear campaign against HH, the UPND and the Tonga people.

We will witness an unparalleled disinformation campaign at the level of Chanda Chimba, but we are more than ready and will meet the PF head on! We will not relent in calling out their, tribalism, corruption and mismanagement of public affairs and resources.

Privatisation is an old song played from an old scratched record from an ancient gramophone with long horns, and it usually reappears at election time. We all know that. How could have HH survived the Mwanawasa investigation that scrutinised all privatisation transactions if indeed he sold the mines as dubiously claimed by the PF and their paid guns. Some named people served jail terms because of privatisation and they are known and still alive. If HH helped himself from this exercise please take him to court!And if indeed he bought off some companies from the privatisation process, then it means Hakainde Hichilema was already a rich man before privatisation, so why are they then worried about where he got his wealth from, when it is clear he was already a rich man before privatisation?

Here is the bottom line dear citizens. Hakainde Hichilema is a very prudent, resourceful, intelligent person and a smart investor. He belongs to a rare and gifted breed of Africans who see wealth where others prioritise consumption and luxury. He was willing to forego short term opulence in exchange for long term returns,and when the patience and discipline yielded results, people who squandered their opportunities, want to label him with unfavourable and unpalatable terms. We refuse that!The PF tried to paint HH a satanist, marsonist, tribalist and bitter. Well, Seer 1 exposed them by revealing that they were the ones that used his powers to win elections.

Further, we have seen their naked tribalism in that, 90% of government and quasi government positions are held by people from two regions of Zambia.Finally, we wish to urge the people of the Copperbelt and the people of Zambia to stand firm against the PF. The stakes are too high fellow citizens and it’s a matter of the survival of our nation as we know it, or a total disintegration into a failed state and banana Republic if we allow the PF to win the elections next year. This is no longer a matter between HH and UPND, but a matter between all Zambian citizens and the PF. We must vote them out next year