August 6, 2021


Nothing but the truth


“Nawakwi is being used like Judas Iscariot to build a case against an innocent man” – Romeo Kangombe_

Firstly, let me state that Hakainde Hichilema is the next President of Zambia and there is nothing that the devil and his agents can do. You can slow down the life of someone but you can’t stop him from reaching his God ordained destiny.As a country we have a lot of salient current national matters that deserve serious attention and answers. No amount of propaganda from a gang of criminals will divert our attention.

As citizens, we demand for an immediate release and publication of the Financial Intelligence Center (FIC) report. The citizens of Zambia needs to know the content of the report because it is a public document not secret personal love letter that someone should keep in his pocket.On the other hand the public have not forgotten about the 48 houses, we demand to know who owns those houses. Zambians need know why the cost of constructing a road is so expensive when it’s much cheaper in other countries. Citizens are worried about the high cost of living and high unemployment levels. These and many other things need urgent attention not wasting building fake charges against an innocent man.If the Patriotic Front think Hakainde Hichilema is someone they can play with any time they drunk on ‘tujilijili’ I wish to inform them that those days are gone.

We shall repel any attempt to harm our President with maximum force. Touch Hakainde Hichilema at your own risk, if you want to leave office before your time then go ahead with your evil plans.Nawakwi is playing the role of Judas Iscariot, she has been paid 30 pieces of silver to be a false witness. She is just being used by PF so that they can make tramped up charges against an innocent person. This whole scheme will not end well for Nawakwi and her sponsors, in fact she has just pushed the last nail in her political coffin. She is an embarrassment to women folks because women are always known to be principled and truthful leaders.Edgar Lungu is the 4th President after privatisation and his PF government has no moral right to tell us about mismanagement of the privatization process for obvious reasons.

So give us a break from all this drama. PF has no story for 2021 so the plan is to eliminate candidates but we shall not entertain that. We shall stand up and defend our President and our country from criminals.

No jokes this time around, harder Nabena.