July 30, 2021


Nothing but the truth


Just when the kwacha enters a new decade (20) and is almost at the legal age of marriage and can become MP (21) any time soon, they decide to eliminate and assassinate Mafishi, such a gallant hero taken out by the system..

Even in death mafishi is a legend… 🥺Good bye mafishi.. now lets come back to those trying to disturb this country for the youth. Bane lets focus and be serious, PRIVATISATION is not our issue. Dollar at 20 is our issue, 42 fire tracks fraudulently valued at 1 million dollars each meaning one track is 20 million kwacha or 20 billion true value of the kwacha. Where did you see a fire track valued at 20 billion? 72 ambulances is our issues, the 48 mushroom houses without owners is our issue, people becoming rich over night is our issue, the killing of Vespers is our issue, fertilisers now selling for 700 kwacha is our issue, mealie meal prices reaching a record high of 175 is our issue, electricity being increased by 200 % while salaries remain stagnant is our issue , 12 to 15 hours a day of load shedding is our issue and many other issues my dear fellow Zambians..

Not Privatisation which happened 30 years ago and will help nobody.. let’s sort out our current issues first…Meanwhile Rèst in soup natu lemon and herb spice natu chili spice filya wechi pondo Mafishi. You cared too much for the Zambian youths and immediately you heard kwacha had hit 20 BP yalikwikata you couldn’t imagine how many youth will come back to school… such a caring fish.. gone too soon ba mafishi wesu ehhh🥺