August 6, 2021


Nothing but the truth


The UPND Provincial leadership led by its Chairperson Mr Elisha Matambo have thanked the Lufwanyama residents for their natural love towards HH.

Mr Matambo who is on the tour of all the Six wards affected by the artificial by elections in two districts namely Lufwanyama and Mpongwe.

5 of the ward by elections are in Lufwanyama where his office has so far toured three.

Mr Matambo told the people of Lufwanyama that the UPND government through its president Mr Hakainde Hichilema will continue with Late Mwanawasa’s fertilizer program and improve on it. He said that HH comes from the rural background and he understands the farming setup and how important it is in a country like Zambia. He said Lufwanyama is dominated by farming as the main economic hub and thus the UPND under the leadership of HH will assist with all the necessary supports.
He also said that HH is who he is today because of free education he received from the UNIP government and that’s what he wants to give as well when in power.

Mr Matambo told the people of Lufwanyama in all the 3 wards he visited that the bridge to HH winning 2021 is to retain all the councillors unconditionally without fail so because there is nothing that the PF have done in Lufwanyama to come and lie.
And Milopa PF chairman Mr D. Mulenga and the entire ward executive resigned and defected to UPND and where received by thr provincial chairperson Mr Elisha Matambo and the provincial chairlady Lillian Musonda. The ward officials

And Copperbelt Provincial Chairlady Mrs Lillian Musonda said that as a party it’s unfortunate for the PF to subject the people of Lufwanyama to unnecessary by electiuons at the expense of them being productive with this bad economy caused by the uncaring government.

Lufwanyama Mayor His worship Hon Kiyuka told the residents that they should never trade their kids future for a K20 or a bag of meali meal that whatever PF brings they should get but on 17th September the vote must be for all the UPND candidates because those are the people representing HH.

Lufwanyama UPND member of Parliament Hon Lernard Fungulwe said that this is the last time the people of Lufwanyama are being subjected to this because when HH gets to state house there won’t be councillors resigning like it is now.

The Copperbelt UPND has divided all its District leadership into wards with a solid mission of retaining all the seats.