July 30, 2021


Nothing but the truth


" I don't want a wedding..... how do you first eat a sweet then pay for it later?" asked Magambo.

Mary Magambo Nguni – waitress at Hassan Restaurant and Take away, files for divorce. A Court hearing in Lusaka’s kanyama local Court witnessed Kanganja’s submission to divorce his wife because she refused to get pregnant.

According to Kanganja he will only pay her bride price if she falls pregnant for him as this will prove if she can bear children or not.

“I want a divorce because my wife is refusing to get pregnant, I will pay everything as soon as she gets pregnant otherwise I heard that she is barren from one of her aunties “- Kanganja told the court.

In her defence Magambo told the Court that she was only living with Kanganja because she was sent packing by her parents because of spending a night out with him .

” I don’t want a wedding , I just want normal procedures to be followed , otherwise how do you first eat a sweet then pay for it later?” asked Magambo.

In ruling on the matter Kanyama Local Court Magistrate A. Michelo told the couple that there was no marriage between them , magistrate Michelo said Kanganja and Magambo were only cohabiting and not married. The court advised Kanganja to follow proper marriage procedure and do the right thing if he loved Magambo .

The magistrate further urged the two to go their separate ways if they did not want marriage and stop wasting each other’s time .