July 30, 2021


Nothing but the truth


I live in Ngombe and My mother was a member of the Zambia homeless and poor people’s federation a grassroots organization that works in partnership with Peoples process on housing and poverty in Zambia. This grassroots movement of mostly women living in peri urban areas contributes monthly savings known as Swalisano savings. These savings have grown over the years because they come from different members in different parts of the country. This money was meant to help members of the movement and also to lobby for money from donors to do projects. In 2014, the organization under the leadership of Nelson Ncube a Zimbabwean purchased land in kasupe opposite nelly miti’s Farm .

This was done to help poor people who are homeless to access decent housing and own land. However a minimal contribution was put in order to gain full ownership of that land. All members were made to pay 3000 to get a 30m by 20m land. However, years went by but no land was given until my mother died in 2017. The director of this organization Nelson Ncube uses the name of poor people to steal and make poor people even poorer. Since 2014 he had never given a good reason why the people are not getting their land.

Recently he got some Zimbabweans to work for the same organization and he put them in strategic positions as housing officers and so on. These are women whom he has given apartments for the organization to be living in for free at 10 miles. Many beneficiaries have died without getting their pieces of land. He says he is a lawyer when in fact he has failed more than twice. Now imagine such a man becoming a lawyer, how will be protect the rights of poor people in Zambia?

Last Saturday we were called by his Zimbabwean friends now working for him to go to kasupe for land demarcations. When we reached there, there was confusion because the lady introduced new costs to that land. She said we need to contribute extra 3000 for surveying and another 5000 for I don’t know what and that once that is done two people will have to share a 15m by 20m plot because the land is prime and near the road. Meanwhile the cost of land changed over the years from 3000 to 5700 which we have paid.

When we heard that, there was total confusion and we demanded to see Nelson Ncube or else the bus was not going to go. After waiting from 06:00 AM to 15:00 PM, Nelson Ncube arrived and before he arrived we sat down attentively to listen to more lies from him. As soon as he started talking one of the Zimbabwean ladies took pictures and quickly posted on their Facebook page that the they were doing land vetting. As you will see in pictures, this is what actually transpired. Please help us get our land or even our money back. Stanbic bank should withdraw their grant.

Those houses he will claim to build will only benefit his Zimbabwean friends and no poor people will benefit. This organization lost a contract with millennium challenge where they were building toilets in Mtendere. He is using the few old women whom he gives small money to go around to convince donors to get money. He gets money and puts in fixed accounts to gain interest. Kasupe Land.