July 30, 2021


Nothing but the truth


GENERAL Education Permanent Secretary Dr Jobbicks Kalumba says all Provincial Education Officers, District Board Secretaries and Head teachers must ensure that parents pay school fees in full for their children as they reopen schools. Dr Kalumba said this is in order to facilitate the provision of quality education. In a circular issued, Dr Kalumba also said term three for 2019 non-examination classes will open on 4th January 2021 and closes on Friday 19th March next year.

He also said that term one for the 2021 school calendar will begin on March 29 in 2021. The P.S has also asked all teachers to avoid workshops and meetings that would deprive learners of their much needed time to catch-up. He also appealed to the provincial and district officers to ensure that they monitor schools as they reopen in order to ascertain effective teaching and learning. And Dr Kalumba has urged all schools to ensure that teachers start teaching from where they ended at the time of the closure in March this year.