July 30, 2021


Nothing but the truth


LUKASHYA UPND members face arrest for defying all odds and embarrassing the PF in their perceived stronghold.This afternoon,the UPND Campaign team held successful meetings in Mukanga ward were PF members threw away their chitenges and vowed to vote for BIG MULE of the UPND. This hurt other PF members who reported the embarrassing situation to their leaders.

The police were then ordered to trail the celebratory UPND campaign team before reluctantly directing them to accompany the UPND to Kasama central police station. More than thirty youths are currently at Kasama police station awaiting the charge of alleged assault which occurred during a fight between PF cadres and local residents who repelled the attempted PF attack The UPND members are currently being subjected to an identification parade to enable the victim identify the alleged assailant. UPND candidate Big Mule was not among the youths picked by the police as they distributed food in camp centers. The PF have so far failed to hold rally because the people of Lukashya have openly rejected them.AND police in Kasama are on a manhunt to arrest UPND members on any trumped up charge to reduce manpower and dampen the mood in the campaign. *UPND MEDIA TEAM*