August 6, 2021


Nothing but the truth


A Few months back yo maps was caught cheating on his ex wife through a video that made rounds on social media of him kissing his alleged ex Faith Chisanga in a car. When asked if he was sorry about the incident he said he wasn’t and that Mwikulanji just defended him because she did not want to be embarrassed on social media.

Yo maps has on different occasions insulted and talked I’ll of his baby mama(ex) saying she is not his type and that she is very ugly and that he can not be responsible for taking care of her kids .

His new slay queen from UNILUS who he introduced as his girlfriend has bragged about how he was just doing the baby mama (mwikulanji) a favour by saying he will marry her because he does not want her ugly self to feel bad because people kept bullying her.

Sources say the two were set to get Married this September but unfortunately it has been called off.

Furthermore he said he bought the Jaguar to make a name for himself by appearing lovely and caring to promote his music.

He also said he doubts the paternity of the child she gave him because he looks nothing like him

Her and her family can use the money I gave them to start up business he finally said .

According to sources yo maps has abandoned his matrimonial home and is now living in Lusaka jumping from lodge to another and he has no plans of returning home just because she has children with another man