July 30, 2021


Nothing but the truth


As UPND in southern province we urge those with little understanding of our different cultures aimed at bringing confusion in the country to ask Historians or Traditional leaders on how certain words are loosely used to illustrate a point.

It is extremely unfortunate for some people to misinterpret HH’s description of individuals who are abusing our people’s democratic rights by buying their vote.

Instead of reacting ruthless to PF thugs who damaged our UPND vehicle,the entire PF is attempting to twist facts on what HH said in Lukashya during a mammoth rally.

We are devastated by desperate politicians using falsehoods.

And the police instead of arresting PF thugs who damaged our vehicle in Lukashya,they are detaining Patrick Mucheleka our deputy secretary general together with the campaign manager and Samuel Ngwira on useless allegations.

As a party in Southern Province,we demand their unconditional release and arrest PF thugs who are terrorizing Lukashya electorates.

And as UPND we shall not allow this undemocratic regime to continue destroying our country’s peace we have enjoyed and continue to enjoy for many days to come.