July 30, 2021


Nothing but the truth


Batoka Ward Councillor Judge Hambayi has bemoaned the lack of seriousness in the issuance of National Registration Cards (NRC) in Southern Province.

Hambayi (in brown suit) says no NRC issuance is taking place in his ward since the commencement of phase 2 of the exercise on Sunday.

He wonders why Southern Province Minister Dr. Edify Hamukale has remained quiet on the issue.

And Chikanta ward councillor in Dundumwezi Constituency, Aston Malasha (blue jeans) says he is not bothered that the mobile issuance of NRCs has not commenced in his area despite four days into the official announced date.

Malasha tells Byta FM News that on 20th September, this month, people in his ward walked long distances to go and get NRCs but where told that there are no materials for issuing the national document.

He has appealed to the National Registration office and the people deployed to issue NRCs to do a professional job like it was observed in other Provinces were the exercise was successful.