July 30, 2021


Nothing but the truth


The UNITED PARTY FOR NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT Lusaka Province Youth leadership has given Electoral Commission of Zambia-ECZ-Chairperson, Esau Chulu and his chief elections officer, Patrick Nshindano a 48-hour ultimatum to resign failure to which they will take to the streets.

Provincial Youth Chairperson, Anderson Banda says his team is left with no option but to demonstrate now that it was evident that the ECZ wanted to continue being a source of conflict and divisions in the country.

“The ECZ has been very inconsistent in the way it is handling the preparations for 2021. The way they are conducting themselves is a recipe for anarchy because, instead of being referees during elections, they have been conducting themselves like a branch of the PF. We are giving the ECZ 48 hours to do what is right, failure to which we are going to the streets to demonstrate,” he said.

“We will not sit idle and watch while you destroy our peace and democracy. With or without a police permit, we will hold a protest against you,” he added.

He also wondered the kind of magic that the ECZ would use to capture the targetted 9 million voters during the ongoing 46-days online voter registration exercise when millions of people in the rural areas don’t have access to internet.

“What magic are they going to use to capture the targetted 9 million voters because the 46 days are not enough. They want to defranchise the youths so that they do not participate in choosing their leader in 2021. We know that they want to come up with a register dominated by PF members,” he said.