July 30, 2021


Nothing but the truth


This afternoon the National Democratic Congress (NDC) party President Dr Chishimba Kambwili was supposed to attend a meeting called by the ZCID and the Electoral Commission of Zambia in regards to the Online Voter Registration.

But the meeting was called off at an eleventh hour.

Dr Kambwili was supposed to attend this meeting with NDC Vice President Rikki Josephs Akafumba, NDC Secretary General Bridget Atanga and Edward Mumbi NDC member of central committee, who is also Dr Kambwili’s Presidential spokesperson.

The duo who gathered at Dr Chishimba Kambwili’s residence by 13:00hrs were equally shocked that the meeting was canceled.

Dr Kambwili had this to say; Today is a very sad day, extremely sad day in the preparations of the 2021 general elections.

Yesterday the ECZ communicated to all political parties that they were going to meet stakeholders so that we can discuss the issue surrounding the online voter registration and the issue of doing away with the old voters register, all of us political parties were ready, I personally received a number of calls from fellow Presidents and Secretary General’s encouraging all of us to attend this important meeting, Dr Kambwili said.

The NDC leader further said NDC do understand that they are stakeholders and they must speak on behalf of the people of Zambia but unfortunately the ECZ communicated to all political parties at the eleventh hour that the meeting has been cancelled, and the reasons given was that this matter could not be discussed because there is a court case going on in which the UPND and some NGO’s have challenged the ECZ over these same issues of online voter registration and of cause the doing away with the old voters register.

Country men and women, should it only be sub judice when it favours the opposition, when it favours the ECZ or it favours the ruling government is not sub judice.

When there was the issue of Bill 10 the UPND did alude to the fact that we cannot continue considering bill number 10 because there is a matter before court, but the Patriotic Front through its lawyers and parliament refused totally and went ahead and considered bill 10 despite the fact that the matter was in court and it was tantamount to sub judice.