July 30, 2021


Nothing but the truth


By Steve mulambo

Mr Sean Tembo sleep on money from PF, no wonder I say let’s be very careful the kind love we have for money because you will end up start worshiping someone even with a foolish idea you become a slave and the majority suffers..
Let’s learn to be hard hustlers so that we are free and enjoy our intelligence not to be compromised….

Am very disappointed with me Sean Tembo with the behavior of him being dishonest to us the citizens of Zambia for not showing leadership and guarding our national document which is the Constitution of which the ECZ is tempering with without shame.
The ECZ is going in a wrong direction…I remember when Mr Tembo was attacked and hacked by the PF cadres within Lusaka and hope he support it that it is a good idea to be attacked like that!!! now how are we going to trust such fellas to say when he maybe come into leadership in future as he is eying for the position of presidency that he will be honest to the people by defending the people and be a good leader with that behavior? Shame to Mr Tembo, such a vibrant man with UMUNGULU of being a Sarogate of PF to support and endorse a bad idea through the PF to ECZ to confuse the people’s system in the name winning elections for 2021…
My plea to my fellow young people, who have courage to stand for the truth please don’t loose direction because of someone, let’s refuse Gifts of EVIL for we have a beautiful and brighter future ahead of us, let’s keep running and fight for good governance…
May God bless you and may God bless the republic of Zambia..