August 6, 2021


Nothing but the truth


Under pressure from the UPND and members of the public over online registration and after realizing that the launch of the process is not supported by any law or statute under the Electoral Act, Government has signed Statutory instrument number 80 of 2020 to legalise online voter registration signed on 25th September,2020 despite the process having been launched on September 21st,2020.The UPND challenged the commission through an action of Court on August 28th,2020 meaning that the signed Statutory instrument was an afterthought which legally cannot have an effect on the UPND action as the law does not work in retrospect.

According to the signed statutory instrument regulation 10 (3),an applicant can cause to register themselves as a voter using an electronic medium and that registration is deemed to be legal.The UPND waits to see the outcome of the Concourt ruling on the action brought before it by Chapter one Foundation on a similar matter and whether the new SI can effectively affect the ruling.

Today,Judge Mwila Chitabo adjourned sine die with liberty to restore the matter in which Gertrude Imenda in her capacity as UPND Deputy Secretary General has sued the ECZ and the Attorney General on the legality of the online voter registration as well as deletion of the old voters register in preference for a complete new one targeted at 9 million voters within one month.