July 30, 2021


Nothing but the truth


In a live broadcast on his official facebook page, Seer1 admitted that David Phiri aka Daeve approached him in 2018 September where he wanted some charms.

Seer1 says the said charms were renewable every two years in the same month they were bought from him. He says David was due to renew whatever he got from him in the first week of September.

People are analysing the behavior of artists. For example, it has been seen that many of the same are wearing a neck chain that is similar in shape and design thereby, raising dust that the musicians could belong to a cult. In the past Seer1 said he gives politicians rings with charms while musicians are given neck chains.

However, Bowman Lusambo has dismissed assertion of satanism in Daeve’s accident adding that, the artist was driving while he was drunk .