July 30, 2021


Nothing but the truth


Smart Eagles is Lungu’s company trying to clean P.f over the sham NRC issuance process. I Gary Nkombo.M.P For Mazabuka Central met Stephen Kampyongo at 0830 hours this morning on sunday 11th October 2020 together with his Worship the mayor Vincent Lilanda. There were no and there will be no reasons to praise PF as Smart Eagles are sugesting in their stupid article that i praised PF.

The fact of the matter is that i told Mr Kampyongo that the officer a Mr. Chanda has a terrible attitude because he is allegded to have told a deponent to go to the graveyard to arise the dead father of an applicant. I also told hon Kampyomgo that we are claiming a total of 5 lost days from the departments inertia of failing to produce the identity. I then said they need to keep the district office open to deal with those who have list NRCs instead of waiting for the mobile exercise to end.

I mentoned that the 10. people in this cartegory that i had personally taken at great cost from Mugoto had been given NRCS a week later was comforting considering the DC Jane Chirwa said they would only get them at the end of the mobile exercise.

Therefore i wish to dismiss the PF Propaganda by smart eagles that i can ever commend PF for the discrimination that is so eveident.