July 30, 2021


Nothing but the truth


The sad part of all this politically inclined misinformation campaign is the way it is killing investor confidence in the Country as we pursue our political/tribally inclined goal of targeting Hichilema. Private international capital is extra sensitive to political environment and stability issues.

The more we are creating that picture that wherever we see Hichilema having a few shares in a company, even minority ones, we quickly create an impression Hichilema owns that company and we want to crush it without blinking an eye. Even the infamous Mosi oa Tunya Hotel issue where we have become so economical with the truth that we are blind to simple facts.

Don’t you find it ironical that no one talks about Valentine Chitalu who was the actual CEO of the Zambia Privatisation Agency and Francis Kaunda who was ZCCM CEO and Chairman of the team involved in the privatization of ZCCM? Somehow a consultant overshadowed President Chiluba, and Ministers as arrogant as the late Ronald Penza, highly educated Dr. Katele Kalumba, Edith Nawakwi, Dr BonifaceKawimbe and many other Ministers. The first MMD cabinet was composed of very very educated people. You can’t compare with those that came later.

The attacks on people who are of certain ethnic groups creates an impression that we have lost a clear national agenda. Not long ago Lawrence Sikutwa (a Nsenga) was under heavy attack with his Madison Insurance Company almost crushed for no proper reason. Robinson Zulu (a Ngoni) now lives in the UK because of threats undertones on his life and businesses.

We are on a path to destroy Copperbelt Energy Corporation which was/is a success story of privatization (yes! Many indigenous Zambians own shares bought on LuSe), because there are Zambians there who we think are a political threat on account of their wealth.

Remarkably and somehow, we are comfortable with foreigners owning companies and running successful businesses. We are proud of amwenye like Nyimba Investments. Honestly? In other words privatization simply meant externalization of capital or non Zambians taking over running business? Yayi my fellow citizens, this kind of politics is completely destroying this Country.

As we go on this trajectory, we shall grow weaker and weaker as a people. Even those who are presiding over us will not enjoy the unrest that comes out of an angry people, because one day people without jobs, without a hope without the basics will explode. Ask Dr. Kaunda in 1990/91. Despite his extra strong intelligence and the strong command, a people revolution threw him out.

I personally can never be proud of giving people mealie meal, instead of creating for them business and employment opportunities. We should have been aiming at creating jobs through all kinds of value chains. Opportunities are everywhere in Zambia. There are many of us willing to work (outside politics) to create opportunities for Zambians. Yes politics should be merely an enabler.

We, as Zambians, must love one another; we must embrace each other regardless of the region we come from. What is happening now is simply unacceptable especially between the Tongas and Bemba-speaking north. The rest of us are just found in the cross fire. Ine nalema and very disappointed.