July 30, 2021


Nothing but the truth

Nine-month-old baby dies after being hit on head by a stick during fight between relatives

A NINE months old baby has been murdered by it’s uncle who hit it with a stick whilst trying to beat the mother of the child in Namwala District.

The suspect identified as David Magenta aged 32 of Chief Muchila in Namwala District has been arrested by police in  connection with the Murder of a nine months old baby.

Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo said the mother of the deceased baby reported that her nine months old daugher was murdered by David Mangena aged 32 also of the same address.Katongo said the baby sustained head injuries as a stick is alleged to have been used in the act.

“It is alleged that the suspect who is the elder brother of  the mother of the victim, Eustekia Mangena picked up a quarrel with her sister arising from their disputed sharing of the estate (cattle), property of their late father,” Katongo narrated.

After a fight ensued between the two, the suspect picked up a stick and accidentally hit the baby instead of the targeted mother.She said the child immediately became unconscious and was later pronounced dead upon arrival at Macha Hospital.

And Katongo said the body is in Macha Mission Hospital mortuary awaiting post mortem while the suspect who was on the run has been arrested and detained in police custody.