August 6, 2021


Nothing but the truth

Police warn striking truck drivers, who are protesting over their low minimum wages

SOME truck drivers have gone ahead to protest against their low minimum wages.
A check in Ndola, Kitwe, Chingola and Kalulushi, found drivers have parked their trucks and are threatening those working.

But deputy inspector general of police, in charge of administration Eugene Sibote has advised the drivers with grievances to find other means of airing them as opposed to engaging in such acts.
Mr Sibote has since directed all provincial police Commissioners to ensure that such acts are stopped forthwith.

He further directed that all highways should be patrolled and those found wanting must be dealt with in accordance with the law.
“We have information that some truck drivers are engaging in acts of illegality by harassing and stopping their colleagues who are willing to continue on their journey under the pretext of pressing for better working conditions.

The truck drivers need to be reminded that issues of improvement of working conditions are matters that cannot be concluded in a short space of time.

Mr Sibote said the driver involved in the protests should know that their actions are illegal and a serious breach of the law, which poses great danger to the public as some of the trucks being stopped are carrying highly inflammable substances.