August 6, 2021


Nothing but the truth


This is the article (below) from smart eagle. We have verified the story and we can certify that this is a lie.


…”He came from the boardroom to join politics with no experience whatsoever”- Antonio Mwanza
LUSAKA—-Thursday, August 6th 2020
The ruling Patriotic Front (PF) Deputy Media Director Antonio Mwanza says it will be very difficult to unseat his party because of the unprecedented development it has rolled out countrywide.
And Mr. Mwanza said the opposition UPND is fooling itself if it thinks PF has lost ground.
Speaking during 5 FM radio’s Thursday Edition of the ‘Burning Issue’ Mr. Mwanza said the only place where HH thinks he has beaten PF is on his social media meme postings which he spends time making while PF is on the ground demonstrating leadership and the developmental projects that have been rolled out.
While on the program, Mr. Mwanza took time to explain developmental projects in the agriculture, education, health and mining sector that the PF has delivered to the people of Zambia in line with its manifesto.
He said when time to vote comes next year, Zambians will distinguish between development and meme makers and vote wisely.
He said Zambians are able to read between the lines and they can’t be wasting time on an opposition political party that has no manifesto.
He urged the opposition to stop relying on tribalism, hatred, bitterness, propaganda and fakebook memes as the way to campaign in 2021.
“It will be very difficult for any political party to upset PF and this is reason why today and I can challenge anyone tiyeni tiyende ku facebook, tiyende titenge facebook ya Hakainde Sammiee Hichilema titenge facebook yaba President Edgar Chagwa Lungu tiyeni tione vamene baposta ba Hakainde Sammie Kuli Ba Hakainde Kuli Chabe ma memes navaufana because he has no manifesto. But when you come to the Presidents page he will be telling you of the projects he will be commissioning,” said Mr. Mwanza 
Meanwhile Mr. Mwanza has told the UPND to stop politicising the National Registration Exercise because its everyone’s constitutional right.
He said there was nothing wrong for the ruling party to encourage people to obtain NRCs.
Meanwhile Mr. Mwanza has taken a swipe at Hichilema for being stubborn despite being taught politics sometime back.
“When Hakainde Sammie Hichilema came to join UPND he found us, I was in UPND with Mazoka and we worked very hard to make sure that he wins the convention of 2006 twalebasambilisha ama apolitics there was nothing that he knew he was coming straight from the boardroom trying to go in a campaign with a suit and a tie, I told him where we are going is not for suit and tie ama suit nama tie kusha ku boardroom,” Mr. Mwanza responded to one of Hichilema’s callers who wanted to disrupt the program.