August 6, 2021


Nothing but the truth


Madam Nawakwi has been crushing on HH for so many years dating back to their school days. She was in the same class with the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema at the University of Zambia doing the same course (BBA) up to Birmingham university in the UK for their masters (MBA).

We took time to analyze exactly what sin HH committed to madam Nawakwi our reports shows interesting results.

“Ninkani yapa mutima”

“I love HH with all my heart I will be the happiest person on earth if he ever married me”

Edith Nawakwi in 1987 told a friend a record made available to CIC investigations.

Edith Nawakwi loved HH so much that it took more than tears to let go of him and settle for a married man whom she snatched from another woman. We have no choice but to go dirty because Nawakwi is not this stupid as educated as she is she knows exactly what went during Privatization the process was never HH’S making in anyway but that of Government of MMD who included Nawakwi herself. Privatization was a process that involved alot of people government delegation we shall fish them one by one to ascertain the extent of dullness that they where drippled by a 29 year old Economist in the name of HH. For Madam Nawakwi she will do well to stick to her sausages because we have a duty to protect and defend public figures from washing dirty linens in public but at the speed she’s trending this is what she must be prepared to face and we are just getting started.

Zambians should know that Madam Nawakwi’s hate for HH is way beyond politics but personal. HH through God had a different plan for him, his businesses and his marital life. And currently HH is a happily married man with a clean family if morality is to go bye the same is true about his wealth because the law is not blind or stupid like Madam Nawakwi to spare him if at all he was ever a culprit.

A woman’s heart is a deep ocean of secrets that holds dangerous venom behind passion of smiles.

If a woman can’t have you this is where it leads to and such people can only find peace and joy if such a person is buried.

Edith Nawakwi s approach in fronting passionate beef towards HH has destroyed her political career because this is a woman with so much potential in the Zambian political realms and spectrum but because HH is in the queue and Nawakwi would rather see anyone else than HH be the president her torture to HH is herself torture that buries her political career to statistics because any leader worthy talking about does not attack the fellow opposition and Zambians don’t entertain such leaders.

To engage a man like HH in a political field you need to have a clear and clean hands alas the crooked Nawakwi was devastated in 2016 hence her party missused the party donations she received as the only female candidate to create Legana Sausage company.

This was after her negative disparaging remarks towards her fellow opposition leaders not all opposition leaders but HH specifically because she marked him never to succeed before her and it freaks her a same classmate and course mate today is at another level politically commanding high respect internationally.